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Meet the Wilson Family, from Cornwall, ON.

“For a month we were trying to figure out what was going on with Connor. His energy level would drop right down during the day, even kicking a soccer ball would have him running out of steam. After visiting our pediatrician in Cornwall and a few specialists, we were directed to the ER for bloodwork. The doctors told us that the oncology team at CHEO was on standby for further testing and just like that my wife, Krista, called in grandparents to watch our daughter, Isla, and we were on our way to Ottawa.

We got Connor’s leukemia diagnosis early the next morning. Behind the scenes, the social workers had already gotten us into the Ronald McDonald House and we had a place to stay for the duration of Connor’s treatment. When we got there, the staff made every accommodation for our family – making sure that we had a room on the first floor since Krista was 7 months pregnant and going above and beyond to provide us with any comfort of home we might need, and might not even think of ourselves.

“You would think it would be dull and sad, but they really try to lift your spirits and show you the good side of people. They would always ask how you were doing even if you were down, because sometimes you just need to talk it out, and it helps out a lot.”

– Ryan Wilson, 250 Nights of Comfort

Our daughter Lily was born while Connor was undergoing treatment. She had the most wonderful welcoming committee in the form of the other RMHC families and House staff. Welcoming Lily into the world was a bright spot for everyone at the House. A sense of hope and happiness for many families when we were all going through a hard time and I’m grateful that this moment and memory will last forever for us all.

Connor was so young that it was hard to tell how treatment affected him. Something special about RMHCO is that there are other kids in the same situation who could understand what he was feeling and help guide us through the physical and mental effects of cancer treatment. Krista and I are so thankful for the network we built at RMH, and for how everyone supported each other.

After 250 days, our family of 5 got to head back home to Cornwall forever grateful for all the support that RMHCO offered us, and especially Connor, throughout his treatment.”

Happy Father’s Day to Ryan, our RMHC alumni dads, grandpas, uncles, and those who are filling father roles for little loved ones in their lives. Today, we celebrate you! 

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