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Fate and New Friends: Volunteering at RMHCO

On National Volunteer Week, RMHCO staff are excited to spotlight Tess and Danielle and to share the story of how the House inspired a beautiful new friendship!

Meet Tess, a volunteer at RMHCO for 2 years. Tess’s vibrant and warm personality makes everyone around her feel special. It is these characteristics that make her a wonderful listening ear for our families on her evening shifts at the House. These caring qualities are also what make Tess a caring and thoughtful wedding officiant.

Danielle came to RMHCO in 2019 as a House volunteer. She would divide her time on her volunteer shifts between managing the front desk, catching up with families over a fresh pot of coffee she had brewed for them, and starting a search party for an extra toothbrush or hand soap that someone may have needed. Danielle always finds a way to make families time at RMHCO as easy for them and as enjoyable as possible, never shying from an opportunity to ask ‘how are you doing?’ and really listen. Last year between work and volunteering, Danielle was also busy planning her May 2020 wedding.

These two wonderful ladies had spent the duration of their volunteer time at RMHCO on separate shifts, but Tess says that fate brought them together one day! When Danielle took up the call to cover a volunteer shift on Tess’s regular ‘House day’ – the two met for the very first time and got to introducing themselves. Fast forward through a few months of the pandemic and one joint shift at RMHCO led to Tess officiating Danielle’s re-scheduled October wedding to her now husband, Brandon.

“It’s amazing how our paths cross with others.  It was such a blessing to have been able to “Officiate” Danielle & Brandon’s lovely pandemic Wedding Ceremony”.

– Tess

RMHCO helps families travelling to seek treatment at CHEO build a support network within our walls of families that understand their medical challenges. The House also builds a new network right here in Ottawa, of new friends and volunteer buddies who share a common interest in helping families, sick children, and their community.

At RMHCO we are so grateful for Tess, Danielle, and all our House and Family Room volunteers that impact the lives of those that call our house ‘home.’ We are proud that upon walking through our front doors everyone finds themselves amongst friends, and you never know where that friendship will take you!

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