Leave a Gift in Your Will

The perspective and priorities that develop as we pass through the many stages of life builds a rich and bountiful knowledge base. At RMHCO we are looking to harness that wisdom as we work to keep families close to their sick children.

Become a Knight of Comfort by leaving a gift to RMHCO in your will and contributing to our Nights of Comfort fund. Read more about how your contribution will have an impact on our families by visiting www.rmhottawa.com.

We would be happy to speak in confidence with you, your financial advisor, or your lawyer.

Whether you have already included RMHC Ottawa in your Will or are considering doing so, please get in touch. It will give us the opportunity to thank you and, more importantly, to discuss what you hope your gift will help accomplish.

Click here for more information on Cheryl’s Knights of Comfort.

To discuss planned giving opportunities or our sustainability fund please contact:
Cynthia Little
Tel: 613-737-5523
Email: cynthia@rmhottawa.com