There are many ways you can help by organizing your own fun event. To help plan your event please see the Third Party Fundraising package. Click here to access the guide.

Important information

We ask that sponsors and suppliers at your event to be easily distinguishable between our official sponsors to prevent confusion.  Doing so could conflict with our efforts in gaining much needed support from major corporate donors.

Careful consideration must be made when affixing sponsor logos. For this reason, please contact us if you are using corporate sponsors to ensure that there is no confusion around official sponsor status.  Please co-ordinate with RMH prior to securing corporate sponsorships for your event.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a registered charity, Manoir Ronald McDonald House Ottawa must follow important guidelines related to the cost of fundraising.  These guidelines also apply to funds raised on the House’s behalf by community organizations and individuals.  If you are using the Ronald McDonald House name as part of your fundraising efforts, every effort should be made to keep expenses to a minimum.  The standart that should be strived for is known as the 80/20 rule.

The 80/20 Rule: No more than 20 per cent of gross proceeds can be used to cover expenses.

Privacy Statement

Manoir Ronald McDonald House respects your privacy.  We do not rent, sell or trade your name.  the information you provide is to keep you informed of our events and fundraising opportunities.