How Can I Stay Here?

How much does it cost to stay

Our guests are asked to make a nominal donation of $10 per night per room.   Payment is due upon checkout (or on a monthly basis for long term guests). Written authorization must be received byt the House office staff to arrange for third party billing. 

To Request Accommodations:

You can request to reserve a room in advance.  Bookings are confirmed approximately one month beforehand.  If we cannot accommodate you in advance, you will be placed on a waiting list.  Please make ALL requests by phone at 613-737-5523.

Admission Requirements

  • You must be a parent or guardian of a child who is 19 years of age or younger being treated at The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario on an outpatient or inpatient basis.
  • Families must live outside an 80 km radius from the House.
  • Every family registering at Ronald McDonald House must have a permanent address and valid identification is also necessary for first time check-ins.
  • Prior to check-in  Ronald McDonald House will screen guests by asking them questions regarding any recent exposure (in the past 7-21 days) to contagious diseases such as chicken pox, measles or mumps.  No guests recently exposed to infectious diseases will be admitted.
  • Have referral from hospital staff, social worker, nurse or other medical staff for first-time visits.
  • There is maximum of 4 persons per room and only one room per family.
  • Children staying in the House must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times.

We are unable to admit anyone suffering from a cold, flu or contagious disease, or anyone who has been exposed to a known communicable disease. This is essential in protecting children who's immune systems may be compromised.

Help us keep the "Heart in our Home"!